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Precious Fashion and Art from India - Logo - Rosa Lia -


The preservation of textile individuality and variety is of great concern to us. The current increase of industrialisation in countries with a highly developed textile culture such as India has led to a loss of traditional methods and approaches to textile production. Small, mid sized businesses and self-employed craftsmen are slowly losing their sources of income.

High quality textiles that display the unique markings and individuality of hand made attire are becoming less and less prominent in the current industry environment. We try to preserve and capture the unmistakable beauty of the materials and combine them with the personality of the wearer. Through this approach, the livelihood and talents of small tailors, goldsmiths and hand craftsmen are sustainable with a steady eye on the long term future.

Rosalia Erhart - vor Ort Stoffeanprobe

Through our cooperations and work with small businesses, to the absolute best of our knowledge, only adults (traditionally Indian men) produce and work the items found in the Rosa Lia collection.

Stoffevielfalt - Mitarbeiterin

Timeless and traditionally valuable materials such as silk, cashmere and satin-silk bear the same profits for producers and sellers, according to tradition. To achieve this end, we are prepared to pay more for our products. We view this as part of our mission to preserve the talents, skills and livelihoods of small producers.


»Good things come to those who wait.
The right thing will come when it's meant to bet«

The why is that which leads us to exciting new paths and adventure – »Rosa Lia«?

It is normally the faintest, most fragile and unexpected set of circumstances that lead us to the most beautiful and cherished things in life. Such as it was for Rosalia Erhart. Her path led her to distinctive and unmistakable materials and bold, voluptuous colours. Out of a journey to the source of Ayurvedic knowledge grew a passionate love and fondness for the colour, qualities and excellence of silk materials out of India.

Rosalia Erhart - Porträtfoto

This incomparable quality is brought to Europe preciously by Rosa Lia and made available in selected, owner-operated businesses and boutiques. So, after nearly 4 decades in business, the dream of working with exquisite, passionately hand made items is fulfilled!

Rosa Lia –this is the promise made to bring uniqueness through an precious collection available in boutiques personally known by us. The special things in life need special places to reside..

»Only the chance to put a dream
into practice makes our life worth living«

Rosalia Erhart - Rikscha - Mitarbeiter
Hintergrundfoto - background visual